Scientific Leadership Course

All RNA Innovation trainees complete a course in Scientific Leadership. This course will provide trainees with a well-rounded and current understanding of scientific ethics, issues regarding gender and minority representation, and professional communication. Experts in these fields will be brought in to facilitate learning and lead discussions. Students are expected to be involved in the selection of appropriate literature, preparation of presentations and written reports, and discussion of papers. Additionally, as part of the course, students will prepare their thesis project proposal. 

Our fall 2020 course will be instructed by Dr. Ute Kothe, University of Lethbridge.

Course Structure

gender and minority representation

• Students will explore and assess the challenges faced by minorities and women pursuing science
• Current understanding of implicit bias, consequences of the imbalanced representations for
society and for the economy
• Methods to support appropriate gender and minority representation
• Work-life balance issues

Integrity & Ethics

• Conflicting ethical and/or professional obligations (e.g. whistle blowing)

• Scientific fraud and how to make better ethical decisions

• “Gain-of-function” research and its ethical assessment

• Ethical dimensions of potential therapies

Professional Communication

• Written communication: emails, formal reports, reference letters, blogs, scientific publications and newspaper articles
• Communicating with diverse audiences, networking, communication with
supervisors and senior administrators, and the public.
• Preparing letters, newspaper articles, and presentations to children and youth.

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