Faculty Members

Note: Students funded by the RNA Innovation CREATE program do not have to be supervised or co-supervised by a co-applicant.

University of Lethbridge Co-Applicants

HJ WiedenPhysical biochemistry, Rapid kinetics, Protein biosynthesis, Antibiotics, Ribosome function, Bioinformatics, Cryo-electron microscopy, Molecular modeling, RNA, Fluorescence spectroscopy, In vitro translationNovel translation factors, Molecular dynamics of translation, Kinetics of translation, Antibiotic (mode of action), In vitro translation, assay development, Synthetic biology
Marc RousselChemical kinetics, Model reduction, Nonlinear dynamics, Mathematical biologyModel reduction, Model equivalence, Dynamic modeling, Chemical oscillations, Nonlinear dynamics, Microbial modeling, Reaction-diffusion systems, Stochastic kinetics, Transcription
Ute KotheRNA, Protein, Ribonucleoprotein, Rapid kinetics, Fluorescence spectroscopy, Crosslinking, Primer extension analysis, Immuno blotting, Chromatography, Ultracentrifugation, Electrophoresis, Molecular cloning, Mutagenesis;yeast geneticsH/ACA small ribonucleoproteins, Ribosome biogenesis, RNA modification, Pseudouridine, RNA-protein interactions, Dyskeratosis congenita
Athanasios ZovoilisDissecting the role of non-coding RNAs in cellular response to stress, identifying disease aassociated non-coding RNAs and developing genome interpretation algorithms for cancer and dementia, exploiting genome intelligence for IT purposes
Olga KovalchukRole of epigenetic dysregulation in carcinogenesis, Epigenetic regulation of the cancer treatment responses, Radiation epigenetics and role of epigenetic changes in genome stability and carcinogenesis, Radiation-induced oncogenic signaling, Radiation-induced DNA damage, repair and recombination
Nehal ThakorCell Biology, Gene expression under stress conditions, Apoptosis, Mechanisms of cancer cell survival, Regulation of mRNA translation, Angiogenesis in cancer progression, Brain Tumor Stem Cells (BTSCs), Live cell imaging and fluorescence microscopy, Lentiviral vectors, Polysome profiling, Ribosome Profiling, Metabolic engineering, RNA elements, Internal Ribosome Entry Sites (IRESes), Riboswitch, ThermoswithRole of eukaryotic initiation factors (eIFs) in cellular stress, apoptosis, and cancer progression
Role of eIF5B in the survival, angiongensis, and progression of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma (HNSCC)
Regulation of mRNA translation by eIF5B in glioblastoma
Non-canonical transition in cellular stress and apoptosis
IRES-mediated translation of mRNAs encoding anti-apoptotic proteins under stress conditions
Role of PDCD4 in IRES-mediated translation
Microbial metabolic engineering using RNA elements for the production of value-added goods
Employing riboswitches and ribo-attenuators for the production of biofuels in industry relevant bacteria
Understanding the biological functions of thermoswitches and their applications in biotechnology
Stacey WetmoreComputational chemistry, Molecular modeling, ab initio methods, Density functional theory, Molecular dynamics simulations, QM/MM techniques, Electronic structure and properties, Reaction mechanisms, DNA, RNA, Nucleic acid–enzyme interactions, Enzyme functionModified DNA structure and function, Damaged DNA replication, Damaged DNA repair, Impact of RNA modifications, Ribozyme function, Design of Nucleic acid aptamers, Impact of Heavy metal contamination

Université de Sherbrooke Co-Applicants

Michelle Scott
Jean-Pierre Perreault
Sherif Abou Elela
Francois Bachand