The Twinning Program


Our program offers competitive funding for roughly 10 trainees—MSc and PhD students, and post-doctoral fellows per year. As an RNA Innovation-funded trainee you must spend at least 20% of your time in an industrial setting.

Our current trainees have valuable expertise in biochemistry, bioinformatics, computational chemistry, and experimental biophysics and are based in Quebec and Alberta.

We hold a semi-annual networking fair that brings together prospective internship providers and trainees. Industry partners will provide guaranteed internships for trainees. Funding for travel and salary will be provided through the RNA Innovation grant, thus saving the industry partner roughly $10,000 per trainee.

Our Partners

FREDsense combines biology and engineering to detect chemicals in your water. Their portable field kits are fast, sensitive, and require no training to use. Spend less time acquiring your water quality information and instead focus on making active decisions affecting your infrastructure. The Field Ready Electrochemical Detector® (FRED), is fast & sensitive, achieving trace detection of select chemicals (down to 1 ug/L – ppb), and is easy to use.

Corteva Agriscience™ is the only major agriscience company completely dedicated to agriculture. By combining the strengths of DuPont Pioneer, DuPont Crop Protection and Dow AgroSciences, they’ve harnessed agriculture’s brightest minds and expertise gained over two centuries of scientific achievement. 

Steeper Energy is a world leader in the development of advanced biofuels from low-value biomass, such as residues and wastes from the agriculture and forest industries. Steeper Energy’s Hydrofaction® produces drop-in renewable fuels with high energy density enabling the heavy transport sector to seamlessly transition to low carbon fuels. With an experienced team of world  class talents and strong industrial partnerships, Steeper is a leader in the realization of a low-carbon transport future.

Chinook Contract Research (CCR) is a small Canadian Contract Research Organization specializing in providing antimicrobial claims support to medical device developers and providing large animal field trial services for pharmaceutical manufacturers in the food animal production chain. Recently much of this work has been focused on the development of several leading pain control products.