Industry collaborations

RNA Innovation will facilitate industry access to trainees through the deepYellow Challenge and Twinning Program internships. Industry partners will engage with the deepYellow team through different phases of the challenge to provide a collaborative R&D environment and participate on the Program Committee to ensure alignment of the program. Financial support (cash or in-kind) for the operation and administration of the deepYellow challenge will be provided by the industry partner, while trainees will be funded through the RNA Innovation program. This structure will allow for savings of approximately $150,000/year in staff funding for the industry partner, while also achieving their R&D goals. The semi-annual networking fair will bring together prospective internship providers and trainees for the Twinning Program. Industry partners will provide guaranteed internships for approximately 3 months per year. Funding for the trainee’s travel and salary will be provided through the RNA Innovation grant, thus saving the industry partner almost $10,000 dollars/trainee

GE Healthcare
GE Healthcare‘s broad expertise is expansive and their continuous innovations to reduce costs, increase patient access, and improve product and process quality have made them a leader in many fields.
Aterica Inc
Aterica Inc is a consumer-focused digital health company that aims to help families and individuals actively manage their health. They are a rapidly growing company and are eager to participate in the deepYellow Challenge and RNA Innovations internships in the future.
Corteva Agriscience
Corteva Agriscience (DowDuPont) is committed to RNA Innovation’s research collaboration and will be the first sponsor for the 2019 deepYellow Challenge. They are a global leader in both Seeds and Crop Protection, with an interest in expanding their technology base and research infrastructure.