What is RNA Innovation?

The next revolution in biotechnology will be rationally designed ribonucleic acid (RNA)-based systems, molecular machines and devices. To prepare the next generation of RNA researchers, the University of Lethbridge, Université de Sherbrooke, and industry collaborators, have come together to offer the RNA Innovation program. This unique partnership will produce highly qualified personnel with skills in advanced RNA research, scientific leadership, and industry experience.

The RNA Innovation program is comprised of two key components, an entrepreneurial research and development challenge (deepYellow Challenge) and an extensive internship program (the Twinning Program). In the deepYellow Challenge, trainees will collaborate as a team to solve a complex scientific problem proposed by the program’s industry partners. Through the Twinning Program, all trainees will be matched with a specific industry internship, providing students with mentorship and a personalized networking experience. Contacts developed during this time will be extremely beneficial to the trainees for their future transition into the workforce.