deepYellow Challenge

Industry partners wil engage with the deepYellow team through different phases of the challenge to provide a collaborative R&D environment and participate on the Program Committee to ensure alignment of the program. Financial support (cash or in-kind) for the operation and administration of the deepYellow challenge will be provided by the industry partner, while trainees will be funded through the RNA Innovation program. This structure will allow for savings of approximately $150,000/year in staff funding for the industry partner, while also achieving their R&D goals.

Clubroot in Canola

We are proud to introduce our RNA innovation, Cohort1, which is a combination of graduate students with talented postdoctoral fellows. Our team collaborated with the Corteva Agriscience company for our first Industrial collaboration and decided to work on Clubroot pathogen, which is causing significant damage in Canola fields. Our team using RNAi based approach to eradicate Clubroot pathogen in a non-GMO manner.

Industry expertise

RNA innovation is an great program designed to have industry experience at your door steps during your graduation. All graduate students are encouraged to work 120 hours per semester in industry project for one year as part of the program.